Shrewsbury Furniture Scheme

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We are Shrewsbury Furniture Scheme (SFS), which is a registered charity (No.1047760), & we trade as Home Essentials & serve the Shrewsbury and surrounding area.

SFS exists to help families and individuals on low incomes to access furniture, floor coverings, soft furnishings, electrical appliances, and other home essentials. To take advantage of this service individuals need to be referred to SFS in order to become members. Self referral is available by coming along to the warehouse along with proof of benefits.

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Peter Clarke


"Over 20 years ago a number of like minded people came together with a vision to help those in need furnish their homes at affordable prices. The simple philosophy behind that vision being that the more well off within the local community donate good quality household goods for the direct benefit of the less well off within that same community. That philosophy has stood the test of time & we continue to provide affordable household goods for those in need thanks to your generous donations & long may it continue. 

Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!"


 Mike Hall